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Where To Buy

Here is a list of all retailers where you can purchase Co-Soap. If there is no store in your area you can always order our soaps online on our soaps page and we have free shipping available. If you own a store or buy for a store and are interested in carrying our soap, please contact us to learn about our wholesale rates.



Biofuels Oasis Zoom In 1441 Ashby Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702


Home Spun Bikes Zoom In 494 Wesley Avenue Oakland, CA 94606

Mandela Foods Cooperative Zoom In 1430 7th Street Oakland, CA 94607
Oakland Food Mill Zoom In 3033 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94602 (510)482-3848

Rock Paper Scissors Collective Zoom In 2278 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94612

San Francisco

The Green Zebra Zoom In 50 Post St # 9 San Francisco, CA 94104 (415)391-4490
Other Avenues Zoom In 3930 Judah Street San Francisco, CA 94122 (415) 661-7475


Collective Copy Zoom In 93 Main Street Florence, Massachusetts 01062


Community Pharmacy Zoom In 341 State St. Madison, WI 53703 (415) 661-7475

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