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Our Mission

"To sell the highest quality natural soaps and cosmetic products possible in order to support the cooperative movement in the Bay Area and the United States at large."

Our Beliefs

If you are interested in learning more about what worker cooperatives are, please visit the cooperation page for more information.

Since this organization is still incredibly new, we expect the wording of this document to evolve as we become more established. However, these principles will guide us as we help the cooperative revolution in the Bay Area, and the United States in general.

The Co-Soap cooperative believes the following:

  1. Everyone deserves a living wage and stable employment
  2. The current system of production is flawed in that it no longer rewards ingenuity that improves our quality of life, but rather rewards those who commit schemes, trickery, and manipulation.
  3. We are how we make. How our economic system allocates the ownership of production determines how we as a society behave and how we relate to one another.
  4. Cooperative Economies are democratic, equitable, ingenuitive, and sustainable.

More About Our Mission

Our mission is to sell all-natural, high-quality soaps as well as other beauty and cosmetic products (coming soon!)as a worker cooperative to generate profit that can be used to help others fund worker cooperatives in the Bay Area and the larger United States. We pledge to donate at least 10% of our pre-wage profits to a soon-to-be determined organization that will provide grants to aspiring cooperators, offer cooperative entrepreneurial training, and promote general cooperative growth. We are currently in talks with a non-profit organization to grow the cooperative movement. We hope to have this new arrangement launched by the first week of July.

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