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Hello Wisconsin! Community Pharmacy in Madison Now Carries Co-Soap

We are proud to announce our newest location! Community Pharmacy of Madison Wisconsin.  Community Pharmacy is a fellow worker cooperative whose “mission is to promote health.” They are committed to expanding the definition of health to include a “right to … Continue reading

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Work It! Own It! Discussion and Workshop on Developing Worker Cooperatives 4 PM at Occupy Oakland

This Sunday at 4pm Co-Soap member Greg will be facilitating a workshop at Occupy Oakland to discuss cooperative production strategies. Learn about the history of the Unemployed Exchange Association founded here in Oakland during the great depression and brain storm … Continue reading

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Cooperative Spotlight: Coopedota R.L.

This blog post is a spotlight on a contemporary example of one large and hugely successful worker’s cooperative hailing from Costa Rica’s Dota valley. Coopedota is a great model for the communal developments that can arise from a spirit of … Continue reading

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Cooperative Business Models, Consumer and Worker Cooperatives

Did you know that over 1 Billion people on this planet are members of cooperatives? Cooperation in the US, as well as internationally, has had a rich history of experimentation and has taken many forms. There are many different types … Continue reading

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Animal Rights Conference 2011

Co-Soap made it down to the grandiose LAX Westin for the 2011 Animal Rights National Conference and had a great time! We met a lot of awesome, sincere animal rights enthusiasts and some dedicated people who work hard to enact … Continue reading

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So What Exactly Is A Cooperative?

As defined by the International Cooperative Alliance, a cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntary to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprises. Co-operatives are based on the … Continue reading

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