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Rock Paper Scissors Collective Now Carrying Co-Soap!

Co-Soap Cooperative is proud to announce our sixth location! As taken from RPS Collective’s website: Rock paper scissors collective is a volunteer-run organization that fosters creativity and collaboration in order to strengthen local communities and encourage sustainable practices and alternative … Continue reading

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Cooperative Spotlight: Coopedota R.L.

This blog post is a spotlight on a contemporary example of one large and hugely successful worker’s cooperative hailing from Costa Rica’s Dota valley. Coopedota is a great model for the communal developments that can arise from a spirit of … Continue reading

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Palm oil problems part II: slash and burn agriculture, deforestation and environmental pillaging

A few weeks ago we published a blog about palm oil plantations that revolved around the social and cultural impact of exploitative agriculture and colonial legacies. We aren’t done plundering the veritable booty that is the problems with palm oil … Continue reading

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Oakland Local and Co-soap are teaming up

Greetings bathers and readers, today’s blog post is foaming with good news! Co-Soap is partnering up and advertising with Oakland Local. Oakland Local is Oakland’s premier social media website, not to mention it’s being on the Columbia Journalism Review’s list … Continue reading

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