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About Us

Co-Soap is a worker cooperative started by five friends. Given our experience with the structural economic problems our generation faces, the idea of worker cooperative soap and cosmetic company was born. While there are many places where one can buy soap, we hope you choose CO-SOAP for our dedication to quality and our pledge to donate 10% of our pre-wage profits to help others start worker cooperatives in the Bay Area and the United States at large. We want to help others that are struggling to create worker cooperatives fulfill their goals and maximize their potential.

We believe that the major source of the problems facing society stem from the structure of what we like to call the "ownership of production." To be more clear, the way the methods of production (for anything and everything) are owned and managed determine the type of society that we live in. For instance, a nation of small land owners versus a nation of centralized land ownership and wide spread serfdom will produce different societies and different relationships between people.

At Co-Soap we want to make our society more egalitarian and more democratic. Our mantra is "We Are How We Produce" and we want to improve society through cooperation. We are based in Oakland, California, and we want to start the change locally, one soap at a time. Read more from the panel at the left to learn more about us.

Greg Elenbaas

Image of Greg Elenbaas Hi, I am a recent graduate of the UC Berkeley, with a major in Urban Studies. I have a strong interest in post civil war farmer populism of the 1870s-1890s and I am also fascinated by cities and their urban spaces. I am hopeful for the future and I am excited to work to spread cooperativism in the Bay Area and the US at large!

Walfre Cruz

Image of Walfre Cruz My name is Walfre and I graduated from UC Berkeley, with a degree in Political Economy. I moved to Oakland in August, 2010 and in early 2011 my partners and I embarked on this idea that we strongly believe could one day change the world. After taking an E-business course at our Community College in Oakland, and seeing the great enthusiasm of my colleagues, we inaugurated this online co-operative soap store. Stay clean, have fun with our soap, and share our vision of living through cooperation.

Antonio Castellanos

Image of Antonio Castellanos Hello my name is Antonio Castellanos and I am a proud member of co-soap. We are here to help keep people clean and help promote a different way to do business. I have an optimistic view on life and on our vision. So buy a few bars and keep yourself clean with co-soap. It's the new natural way to stay clean!

Rayna Kilroy

Rayna is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley armed with a Bachelors in English Literature and a penchant for staying clean and smelling like lavender. She also enjoys talking about herself in the third person. With all sincerity, when I'm not busy working two jobs and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, I'm busy working away on the blog for co-soap! I feel good about my job as a representative for Co-soap because we are spreading the good word about responsible, accountable and conscious entrepreneurism, all favorable alternatives to our current status quo, as we see it here. When I was just a toddler I remember being told to get over something, and that "life isn't fair." Just for your information, I didn't agree with that philosophy when I was two and I still don't. Let's get out there and enact the changes we want to see!

Mike Morales

Image of Mike Morales I moved to the bay area from my southern Cali hometown over five years ago. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy in 2010. When presented with opportunity to start a cooperative business with my good friends, I was quick to join the team.

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